Project Supporters

The Mile 60 Park Committee has been working hard for over 20 years to ensure that our community has a beautiful green space. We continue to look ahead at new and exciting development opportunities to ensure that our beautiful park thrives for generations to come. We couldn’t continue to do so without the support of people like you.

  • Platinum Sponsor Over $5000
    • Rural Municipality of Grey
    • Marc & Kristie Philippot - Rolling Plains Veterinary Corporation

  • Gold Sponsor $2500 - $4999
    • Patrick & Sonya Massinon - TaLLboys
    • Guy Rouire & Lise Poiron - R-Way Ag Ltd.
    • Robert and Patricia Burgoyne
    • St.Claude Funeral Catering Group
    • R. Landreville Bulk Milk Hauling Ltd.
    • Norm, Monique, Mia & Kaitlyn Bruneau - St. Claude Autobody
    • Dave, Kerrie, Jesse, Austin & Kate - Boyne Electric Ltd
    • Treherne North Stars
    • Caisse Financial Group

  • Silver Sponsor $1000 - $2499
    • Marc, Lynn, Dylan, Jenna and Dallas - Bruneau Farms Ltd.
    • Bryan & Mona Spencer
    • Nathan, Nat, Emmett, Logan, Maxx & Emily Rey - Reynovations Ltd.
    • Sian & Johnny Sandulak
    • Alain & Michelle Philippot - Philippot Farms Ltd.
    • Michel Chappellaz
    • Rick & Suzie Fay
    • Lionel, Paulette deRocquigny and Family
    • Jeff & Mandy Dubois - McKenzies Portage Funeral Chapel
    • Leen Blok
    • L&J Bulk Milk Transport Ltd
    • Gary and Roseline Green
    • Dion Bros. Ltd. - Raymond† + Lionel + Denis and Joel
    • Denis & Pauline Dion
    • Stride Credit Union
    • Normand, Jodi, Aspen & London Rouire - The Garage Door Depot
    • Robert,Pamela, Cameron, Aaron and Sean Gauthier - Lynfred Farms
    • Norbert and Donna, Kevin and Lisa, Ryan and Micheline Rey - Noreydo Farm Ltd
    • Roger Bazin
    • Bob & Marie Green
    • Societe Historique St. Claude Historical Society
    • Donald Gauthier & Michele Duval
    • Pauline Rouire in memory of Roland
    • Philgo Farms Ltd
    • St. Claude Abattoir
    • Dawn & Gilles Chappellaz
    • Thomas, Brigitte, Wyatt, Colton & Theron - Hendersons Custom Ag
    • NGB Farms Ltd. - Gerard, Charlene, Gregg, Ian and Sean Bruneau
    • Craig, Janelle, Brooke & Austin Collingridge - Associated Auto Auction Ltd.

  • Bronze Sponsor $500 - $999
    • Claude & Lucille Chappellaz
    • Gerry, Amanda and Zachary Philippot
    • Marcel, Lauren, Sophie and Noah Gauthier - M.N.L.'s Properties Inc.
    • Gilles & Michelle Rey & family
    • Lorraine, Larry, Joey and Derek Tarko
    • St.Claude School Complex Graduating Class of 2003
    • Kody Webber - Webber Ag & Municipal Sales Inc
    • Trevor, Lorenne, Jason, Evan & Cadence Friesen
    • Terry, Liane, Evan & Adalie Manness - Manness Electric
    • Paul & Jacqueline Mangin
    • Daniel & Teresa Massinon
    • Robert Tetreault
    • Hubert and Lilliane Chappellaz
    • Christian, Leanne, Adelyn and Theodore Fay
    • Jason, Allie, Gunnar & Parker Henderson
    • Robert & Josiane De Smet
    • Marcel & Debbie Delfosse
    • Renée-Marie Godard
    • Georges & Donna LeHeiget
    • Rene & Lorraine Philippot - South Central Grocers Inc
    • Albert & Anita Philippot & Family
    • Larry, Diane, Kaylee, Jayden & Natasha deRocquigny
    • In honour of Robert, Bernadette and Judy Galbraith
    • Colleen & Claude Philippot
    • Déquier Dairy Farm
    • Massinon Farms
    • Jean & Margaret de Rocquigny Family
    • CHAOS Hockey Club

  • Project Supporter $100 - $499
    • Evelyn Bosc
    • Michelle Le Heiget
    • Kaitlin Peirson-Webber - Prairie Independence Care Co
    • Lorie & Arthur Rey
    • Lynne, Jomon et Alex Joy
    • Doris and Henri Tremorin
    • Chelsea, Jay, Miles & Luke Mangin
    • Lionel and Carole Tremorin
    • Gilbert & Yvette Lacroix
    • Normand & Dorothy Labossiere
    • Alan and Dianne Henderson
    • Nathan, Natasha, Kinsley & Ava Mangin
    • Lianne Dion-Gapp
    • Gail Johnson
    • Jason, Laura Boulet & Family
    • Normand & Dorothy Labossiere
    • Breanna, Corey, Liam, Mason & Tessa Henderson
    • Robert & Lilliane Rosset
    • Gerald & Carol Delaquis
    • Andy, Janice & Jayde Chevrier
    • Tony & Liz Klotz
    • Denise Green & Family, in memory of Hugh Green
    • Wesley Turner, Lynn Bernard and Natasha
    • Arthur & Elise Gautron
    • Comite Scolaire Ecole Communautaire Gilbert Rosset
    • Brad, Mel, Oaklynn & Brooks Henderson
    • Croptimistic Technology Inc.
    • Roland and Lynne Jacques
    • Daniel & Claudette Dupasquier and family
    • Metcalfe's Garage Ltd
    • Ronald & Sandra Fay
    • Chevaliers De Colomb Conseil Saint-Claude #7766
    • William Dudgeon - Prairie Ag N Auto

Project Details

Project Description

Our plan is to add full-service campsites with electric, water and sewer hookups to the campground at Mile 60 Park. Our goal is to enhance the recreational offerings of our park, by completing The Mile 60 Park Campground Expansion Project. By expanding the campground, we anticipate a lasting revenue stream that will significantly contribute to sustaining Mile 60 Park and facilitate future development and programming within our park. A larger campground will also support additional activities within our community, as well as surrounding communities.

This project was fast tracked on our committee's development schedule because of the construction that is taking place along Highway #2. The construction company doing the work has agreed to rent the entire campground expansion for the 2024 camping season which will generate a good portion of the funds needed to complete the project. It’s a unique opportunity that we needed to explore.

Your support is key in turning this vision into a reality and ensuring a thriving recreational space for our community and surrounding area for generations to come.

Project Plan

Our plan is to add full service campsites to our existing campground. Our expansion plan is to add an additional 14 campsites that have electric, water and sewer services. We would also run water and sewer to one of the existing electrical campsites for a total of 15 full service sites, and 5 electrical sites.

The project gives us the opportunity to upgrade our existing infrastructure. Our current campground is at capacity on the amount of Hydro that we can use. Having a project like this gives us the opportunity to have our hydro service upgraded. This will also benefit the park for future projects and development as the upgraded service will have the capacity to support growth at Mile 60 Park.

Mile 60 Park Layout
Project Image
Existing Campground Layout
Project Image
Proposed Campground Layout
Project Image

Project Video

Project Updates

Make a Donation

Mile 60 Park is not a registered non-profit organization. As a result, all monetary donations have to be made through the Rural Municipality of Grey. The RM of Grey has agreed to process the donations made, submit a donation receipt to the individual or business making the donation, and transfer the funds to the Mile 60 Park Committee.

In an attempt to simplify this process, we've created a form to track donations to ensure that the RM of Grey has the correct information to provide a donation receipt to anyone who donates over $50.

Donations above $100 will be included on our donor recognition board located at the entrance to the campground.

Donor Board Mockup
Project Image

Donate Online

All online donations must be accompanied by a submission of the online form (blue button below) in order to ensure that funds are allocated to Mile 60 Park and the Campground Expansion Project.

Donations can be made online via:

  • e-Transfer
    • auto deposit - no password necessary
  • Credit Card
    • credit card payments include an additional fee of 2.5%
    • use account number "9999999".
    • Pay Here
  • Online Banking
    • when asked for an account number - use all 9's.
    • ex: if your financial institution asks for 8 digits for an account number, use "99999999"
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Tyler Green at, or 204-750-2663

Go to Online Form

Donate in Person

Donations can be made in person at the RM of Grey Office via:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit
The RM of Grey office will have copies of the donation form available if you aren't able to print the form.
In order to ensure a donation receipt, all cheques must be made out to the Rural Municipality of Grey.

If you have any questions, or can't make it to the RM of Grey office, feel free to reach out to Tyler Green at, or 204-750-2663

Download Printable Donation Form